*Premium* Holly American lumber white wood 2 PCS 1" x 2-3"W x 18" to 27"L - KD!

*Premium* Holly American lumber white wood 2 PCS 1" x 2-3"W x 18" to 27"L - KD!

American Holly (We have the world's largest selection of American Holly 1/2", 3/4", 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 lumber, turning squares, pen blanks, dowels, thins/veneers, knife scales, gun grips, acoustic guitar sets etc., so please be sure to check our store and web-site for our other offerings of Holly and many other hardwoods!)

American holly is an excellent wood for many woodworking purposes...such as turning, segmented woodturning, carving, inlay, intarsia, marquetry and is used in the making of fine furniture. In the past it was also valued for use as wood block engraving, umbrella handles, and the backs of brushes. When dyed black, holly resembles the much-sought-after African ebony wood. Therefore, holly is often used for the black keys on pianos and organs and for the pegs and fingerboards on violins.

This listing is for TWO pieces of premium kiln-dried 4/4 holly (surfaced - hit or miss)...measuring roughly 1" x 2-1/4" x 27-1/4" & 1" x 3" x 18-3/8".  The pieces pictured are a sample only and accurately represent the high-quality (blazing-white) holly you will receive.  Once fully surfaced, it will look just like the single sample surfaced piece shown...you will not be disappointed!  MUCH MORE holly lumber on our web-site (many different sizes!), so please check there if you don't find what you need in this listing.  We combine purchases, so if you order multiple items, please wait for an invoice before making payment.

We ship worldwide!  If you are outside the 48 continental U.S. states, you will need to contact us for a shipping quote prior to purchasing this item.

I have a 100% POSITIVE feedback rating and intend to keep it that way by providing top-quality products and excellent service! If you have any problem with anything you receive from me, please contact me at the e-mail address below and I will surely work with you to resolve any issues. Thank you very much for your interest!

E-mail: info AT domexhardwoods DOT com

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